Get More Comfort Around The Campfire

Camping is a great summer pass time for the family whether you do it rustic style or go to a camp ground. Either way experienced campers know that you need a bit of equipment to make your trip fun and also functional. Tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, flashlights and other supplies are essential to take care of yourself while out in the wilderness. Another must have for campfire songs, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and for just sitting around is a camping lounge chair also referred to as a beach lounge chair. These are different from other folding camping chairs, they come in many colors and are ultra comfortable and easy to transport.

These are not the same as a traditional camp chairs that expand out revealing a seat and sometimes a foot rest. Lounge versions are much more tightly woven fabric that extends the length of the person sitting in the chair. They have hard plastic and sometimes cushioned arm rests as opposed to fabric arm rests with other camping chairs. They also have much more metal hardware making them larger and more difficult to store in a folded position. They are however still a portable lounge chair and can easily be stored in a four door sedans, mini-vans, trailer tents or trucks without taking up a lot of space.

Many models can recline to an almost full laying position and are far more supportive and a canvas folding camp chair. Most come equipped with a head rest and a foot rest bar that pivots separately from the base of the chair. They come in any color you could want from red, blue, black and gray to less common colors and designs.

Camping lounge chairs retail for a little more than their canvas counterparts. Most go for about 80 to 100 dollars on the web and there are similar prices at brick and mortar locations such as a sporting or home goods store. If you are a fan of comfort around the campfire, the added expense will be well worth it. These chairs are durable, comfortable and not that much bigger than other portable equivalents.